Godwin's Past

Items of historical interest about the Godwin school system and the surrounding area, including documents, the recollections of its alumni, and photographs.

A non profit educational website.

The "Godwin's Past" website has been removed now for lack of interest. I will make various historical portions available, and continue the development of them. Sections "I" and part of "G" for example. For now, the Godwin part of the website is mostly material that other individuals and groups are helping themselves to, sometimes repackaging it and re-posting it as their own. This was never my intent. Challenged that the material is word-for-word what is on the "Godwin's Past" site, they will look me in the eye and claim they have other sources, even for material I hand drew it seems, and dare me to do something about it........ For the two dozen or more people that spent a great deal of time helping to locate and acquire material, I will provide you with a DVD of the website, on request. All of the existing material will be preserved. The project has confirmed my fondest hopes for the profound possibilities the Internet can provide in terms of reach and presentation, and making material of a common interest available to many. Started in year 2000, when individual websites were still quite limited, and rather expensive, year 2014 sees unlimited online space available, and a rich variety of ways to present material. Alas, technical progress is always easier than social progress. I still depend on those who own older Godwin material to allow me access to it, and that part of the project has proven to be largely a failure. Lee Tanner, class of 1941, and Kim Shepard, class of 1970, were the first two on board with the project, and were very successful in the early days in obtaining material from the earlier classes. Today, much of what was left has probably been lost as older Godwin alumni leave this mortal coil, and if there is anything more to be had, indifference and hoarding seems to be keeping it unavailable to me. My own interests have shifted now after 14 years, so for now I'm moving on to other areas. If for any reason a large amount of additional old material comes my way, I will reevaluate my situation. Otherwise, I have to say it's mostly been fun, and my thanks to those that played along.

April 12, 2014