A large amount of material, in the form of photographs, newspaper items, school papers, and student knowledge went into making each class annual. It's likely that for every item that was used, many other were not. One would have hoped that all of the material would have been kept in a school archive for use in later decades and generations to gain access to topics no covered in the annuals.

To the extent this was done, it has apparently all been lost now except for most of the annuals themselves. Many of the photographs were owned by commercial studios, like "The Camera Shop," at 16 Monroe in 1931, held the negatives for many of the class photographs. What happened to these when a studio went out of business is not clear. A few were donated to libraries. Most are likely now long gone. Other archive material was held by the school, but the best evidence now is that most or all if it fell victim to changing interests and priorities on the part of the current school system, and was summarily tossed.

So today the bulk of Godwin's heritage resides in the remaining annuals, and the scrapbooks and personal recollections and collections of Godwin alumni. Sadly, a little more is lost every year, and it's probably fair to say that in another 15 to 20 years most of Godwin's heritage from the period of about 1950 back will be gone.