Harold Chambers apparently took over as Godwin superintendent when Charles Saur stepped down. His tenure was apparently brief. Within a few years Roscoe Miner would become Superintendent.

Like so many things after Charles and Gladys Saur left Godwin, the Godwin area had grown sustainially, and people were becoming more mobile. Wheres Charles Saur nutured Godwin through something like 25 years of growth, Frank Rackett served from 1908 to 1948 on the school board, and many teachers remained on the faculty for over two decades, starting in the 1950s there would be an endless procession of superintendents, school board members,and teachers. Female teachers often found the school year and short hours very compatible with their home duties, where they were often mothers of students in their own rights. During the Vietnam era many males avoided the draft by becoming teachers. Finding the pay lower than some other fields, unions and a never ending emphasis on salaries and perks ensued that is still playing out in 2004. Parents and lawyers make discipline in the classroom all but impossible today.

What all this says about how well students learn in 2004 is another matter, but it is clear that the fate of the last remaining super power hinges on how well they do.