The caption says Ollman, and the signature says Ollmann. Page 28 also shows Ollmann. Alex Ollmann was in the 1941 class annual already. It reflects changing fashions, and perhaps the growing size of the school system, that the custodial staff was not always shown in the annual, and if at all, often without names. For whatever detailed reasons, by the late 1950s it was unusual for a student to recognize the custodial staff. Alex Ollmann was likely at Godwin at a time when everyone pretty much knew everone else. About 1950, however, after Charles and Gladys Saur left Godwin, and the school system grew even more, with the addition of three grade schools between about 1949 and 1954, most administrators became more remote figures, and so did the custodial staff. The system was simply too big now to maintain the more personal atmosphere of previous decades.