A pattern already apparent in the bottom photograph, it was rare in 1951 to see a female student not wearing saddle shoes. The familiar white shoe, with a black "saddle" in the middle, were a fashion mainstay for perhaps 10 to 15 years. Notice in many photographs that almost every female student is wearing them. The early 1950s were the era of the gray skirt an pink blouse as well. The notion of slaves of fashion was in full force, and typical of the voluntary regimentation that teenagers will submit to in order to maintain a feeling of belonging.

Perhaps less willing to try to keep the white part white, the male students did wear saddle shoes, but apparently more often than not preferred the easier to maintain "penny loafer," which females students did wear too on occasion. Teenagers are often said to be rebelling against something, but only, it seems, as long as it's in the same way as everyone else.