Godwin Class Annual - 1951

1951 Annual

Class of 1951 - Introduction.

From the standpoint of world events, the class of 1951 was pretty much home free. The Korean "conflict" was fought by WWII vets, and the next "conflict" of any size would be Vietnam, but which time most males in the class would be pretty much immune from its consequences. The economy had completely converted from the war time footing of WWII to a civilian economy. The USSR would continue to make mischief for another 40 years, but day to day this did not affect most Americans much. About the worst they had to contend with was the Conelrad ( CONtrol of ELtronic RADiation ) alerts started in 1951. "This is a test....Had it been an actual aleart...." Fortunately it never was.

Save for this, the class of 1951 could look forward to some real boom years during the next 20 years or so. Land was still affordable, and the consequences of an ever increasing population was still not very apparent. Oil and natural gas was cheap, as were other raw materials, and taxes were low. In every fundamental economic sense 1951 was part of a material golden age that lasted until perhaps 1970. Coupled with a good economy in the US much of the time, the class of 1951 was part of perhaps ten or fifteen classes, starting with 1945 or so, that would have almost boundless opportunity, and probably be among the last retirees to collect generous Social Security and medical care from systems now showing signs that they are not sustainable at current levels.

So all in all it seems that in many ways the class of 1951 graduated at a very favorable time. Godwin was in some ways at its peak in the late 1940s, and while no one knows their future with any precision, there were exciting times ahead. Six years later there would be a satellite orbiting the earth, and less than twenty years after graduation men would be walking on the moon. Those were rare times.

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