Godwin Class Annual - 1954

1954 Annual

Class of 1954 - Introduction.

The Godwin class of 1954 recently celebrated both its 50th reunion and eligibility for membership in the Golden G Club, and consequently is now included in the "Godwin's Past" informal history of the Godwin school system, which follows the Golden G Club's policy that its members graduated from Godwin 50 or more years ago.

The class of 1954 graduated into an America world without war. Emerging from WWII with a huge intact manufacturing infrastructure, now largely converted back to a civilian economy, America could now mostly get back to the business of whatever it is people do when there isn't a war to fight. There would be a Cold War with the USSR for another 40 years or so, but it's now known that this too ended in about 1991, and in point of fact the conflict did remain largely cold, albeit expensive. It would be another 10 years or so until the Vietnam war started to become a serious issue, and by then the male segment of the class of 1954 mostly had children, and could claim that others should therefore do the fighting. As in much of life, some are lucky this way, and others are not. But whatever the reason, the class of 1954 could look to a mostly properous US for the next several decades, and were largely free to make whatever they could of their lives.

- 1954 Annual. -

The cover of the 1954 class annual.
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The entire 1954 class annual, made available for scanning by by Shirley (Vanden Bosch ) Van Oostendorp, class of 1954, is presented below. To view the pages, simply left click on the page numbers or thumbnail images. Each page has been scanned at about 150% of its original size in order to make some of the details easier to see. You might have to move the image around in your browser in order to see it all. Be sure to make your browser full screen size for easier viewing.

Also be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of each page; comments and notes are included on some of the pages. Use the "Back" button on your browser to return to the main menu. People should consider contacting me if they have additional information, or comments.

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1954 Annual Inside Covers

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Not always the case, the inside covers of the 1954 class annual contained graduation and band photographs.

If anyone has any other photographs pertaining to the class of 1954 they'd like to see included here please contact me.