The piece to the left is from the November 10, 1933, issue of "The Godwin High School News." If the photograph is current, then Frank Rackett was 69 years old. It might be somewhat older, because he looks quite different in 1936 already, when he as 72.

The blurred area near the crease of the newspaper says "Mr. Rackett has gathered from every corner of Michigan. There are also collections of birds, insects and butterflies that would make any....."

It has been said that Frank Rackett also had a coin collection, and sea shell collection. A collection of indian relics is mentioned. A collector at a time when there were still things around to collect, and apparently a collector by nature, his interests were apparently varied. What happened to these other collections, if they existed, is not known.

Sadly, vandalism, and an indifferent attitude on the part of the school, has apparently led to the destruction of much of the flora and fauna collection. Never properly housed, students were allowed direct access to the larger stuffed animals and birds, and proceeded to pull them apart. The cases in the collection have long been shipped around the school system, which is unlikely to have helped ensure their longevity. It probably would have been better if Frank Rackett had donated the collection to a museum capable of taking care of it. As it is, Frank Rackett must be remembered more for his good intentions than for the fruits of a life's work.