Albert Smith was the band director at Godwin from about 1940 to 1942, at which time he joined the service.

Band director Albert Smith, in an undated photograph. Likely from around 1940.

( Photograph supplied by Lee (Tanner) Collins, class of 1941. )

Band director Albert Smith in 1999, at the Golden G Club annual meeting.

( Photograph supplied by Lee Neugent, class of 1948. )

Lee Neugent, class of 1948, adds the following: "Albert Smith, better known as Smitty was at Godwin prior to going into service during WWII. He returned in 1946 and I was fortunate enough to be in his choir that year. He took a job at Grand Rapids Junior College at that point in time and continued there until his retirement. Again I was lucky in being able to participate in his choir during the two years that I attend GRJC-now known as Grand Rapids Community College Smitty and his wife attended the Golden G luncheon in 1999 and I have at least one picture of him at the lunchion. I led the singing of the school fight song that year and introduced Smitty. Smitty lived across the street from the high school for several years in a house owned by Mr Saur He was a great leader who made a profound impression on many of us."

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Albert Smith obit, provided by Lee Neugent, class of 1948.

Godwin band, in a 1940 or 1941 photograph. The majorettes, from left to right, are Ellen Crumback, Leatha Tanner, Lorene Faass, Betty Bishoff, Alice Crumback, Jean Fisher, and Georgia Lewis.

( Photograph supplied by Lee (Tanner) Collins, class of 1941. Names provided by Lillian Annis, class of 1941. )

Material provided by Lee (Tanner) Collins, class of 1941.

Above, the Godwin marching band in 1941. Lee (Tanner) Collins is the second majorette from the left. It's notworthy that people are allowed to walk on the gym floor while wearing street shoes. The gym is about 12 years old in this photograph, and, based on the paint markings, appears to be substantially worn already. Perhaps the attitude about gym floors was different than it would be in later years when wearing street shoes on them would be cause for a major fit from someone. In the 1950s already, even pickup basketball games meant either wearing your tennis shoes or just using your stockings. Then there were the sock hops of the 1950s.

Albert Smith is at the upper left part of the band, in the white uniform.