Class of 1927

( Material provided by Lewis Lull, class of 1940, scanned by Craig Lull, class of 1970. )

Note that the class of 1927 is the first twelve year graduating class, five women, and is also the first class to have a class annual, called "The Acorn." ( Charles Saur suggested this was because of all of the oak trees on the Godwin property at the time. ) Up to 1924 many schools only went up to grade ten, including Godwin. In 1924 or early 1925 it was decided to extend the grades at Godwin to grade twelve. It then took two more years to produce the first graduating class, 1927.

Josina (Vanderburg) Warsen attended the September, 2000, meeting of the Golden G Club.

Michele A. (Berg) De Leeuw relates ( October, 2003 ) that Alyda Westra, her aunt, just died a few years ago. Valedictorian of the class of 1927, she went on to become a teacher, and had eight children. She was the oldest girl in a large family that all went to Godwin, and graduated in the late 1920s and the 1930s.