Class of 1931

The 1931 Class Annual - The Acorn

Edna (Carpenter) Keyes, class of 1934, and Forrest Keyes, class of 1932, provided access to the annual.

( Photograph provided by Lewis Lull, class of 1940, scanned by Craig Lull, class of 1970. )

Members of the class of 1931 as juniors, in 1930. Looking at the right side, along the base of the building, it appears that there are construction materials still lying around. But the building was in use during the 1929/1930 school year.

1931 Class names and addresses.

Material provided by a 1966 effort to write a history of Godwin book. The effort was apparently abandoned.

Note that many street addresses in Kent county changed in 1943, so street names shown above might not exist in year 2006. Just when the class list was compiled, or from what source, is not known.

Movie Frankenstein

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Many a Godwin student in 1931 probably walked home looking over their shoulder after watching the movie "Frankenstein," which debuted in 1931. While not a faithful rendition of Mary Shelly's book, it nevertheless terrified audiences of the time.

Gladys Saur died on June 26, 2001, at the age of 96. She and her husband, Charles Sauer, were part of the Godwin School system since the early 1920's, and were very much responsible for the explosive growth of the school system during the 1930s and 1940s.

( Photograph provided by Phyllis Start, class of 1948. )