Class of 1932

( Photograph provided by Lewis Lull, class of 1940, scanned by Craig Lull, class of 1970. )

Members of the class of 1932 as sophomores. Apparently the new high school building has barely been completed. Nominally finished in 1929, where are the sidewalks? Also, note the dangling wires near the tops of the doors, to the left and right.

The depression was just getting started in 1930. These students appear prosperous enough yet - one sees some vestiges of the flapper style of the 1920s. The names can be found in the 1930 class annual, where the same photograph appears.

Forrest Keyes, bottom row, right end, and his wife Edna (Carpenter) Keyes, class of 1934, provided access to a large number of Godwin class annuals in 2004 for inclusion in this project. Edna Keyes' father, Henry Carpenter, worked at Godwin for several decades, and, along with the rest of the Godwin staff, was given an annual each year.

1932 Class names and addresses.

Material provided by a 1966 effort to write a history of Godwin book. The effort was apparently abandoned.

Note that many street addresses in Kent county changed in 1943, so street names shown above might not exist in year 2006. Just when the class list was compiled, or from what source, is not known.

For some reason the name of Forrest Keyes does not show up on the list.

Those no longer with us:

Forrest Keyes