Class of 1934

Graduation photo

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Photograph provided for scanning by Bill Charon, class of 1962.

If there was a name index for the photograph above, it is not available. Perhaps taken by Charles Saur, because a professional photographer would have been too expensive during the Great Depression, the focus of the photograph is not real good, and no one thought to make sure that people in the back were even visible to the camera. Notice that the libary, which would have been at the left in the photograph, would not be built for another 3 years. The highschool building is just 5 years old, and the east and west additions would not be started for another 4 to 6 years.

It's now likely that the names in the list of graduates will never be fully matched to the faces in the photograph. Two that have been are George Charon, second row, third from the left, and Mural Lila Kammen, same row, fifth from the left, who later married George Charon. These are the parents of Bill Charon, class of 1962, and several other Charon boys, many of whom were athletes at Godwin.

1934 names and addresses

Material provided by a 1966 effort to write a history of Godwin book. The effort was apparently abandoned.

Note that many street addresses in Kent county changed in 1943, so street names shown above might not exist in year 2006. Just when the class list was compiled, or from what source, is not known.

Class of 1934 as third graders.

Material supplied by Polly Goeman, class of 1959.

Martin H. Goeman in in the back row, right end. He did not graduate from Godwin. Sadly, none of the other students, or the teacher, are identified. The photograph is probably from 1924. The dirt on the ground suggests that the sidewalks and grass had not been finish, and the school was just opened for use. The custodians must have been thrilled at all the dirt tracked in. Any of the students in the photo would be 92 or 93 years old in year 2007.

Class of 1934 as fifth graders.

Material supplied by Polly Goeman, class of 1959.

The woman at the left is Harriet Richards, who was principle. The woman at the right is possibly Neva Spencer, but this is far from certain. Martin H. Goeman is in the second row, fifth from the left.

Class of 1934 as eigth graders.

Edna (Carpenter) Keyes, class of 1934, and Forrest Keyes, class of 1932.

There's some reason to believe that the photograph above does not show all of the eigth grade students. Both the seventh and ninth grades show two sections. And the commencement program for 1934 ( See page 2 below ) shows 49 names, whereas there are 32 in the photograph. And it's also the case that many of the names shown below the photograph do not appear in the commencement list, perhaps indicating that many of the students dropped out, moved, or were held back a grade, before graduation.





1934 commencement program, provided by the Laubscher family.





1934 class play, provided by the Laubscher family.

Notice that Gladys Saur directed the play. Often as not, Charles Saur would have been part of the cast.

Except for music teachers, the concept of teachers participating in non academic events with the students was unheard of even by the 1950s, and not even imaginable today. But in the Saur era, about 1923 to 1950, one might well find participation in a play or some other event by Charles Saur, superintendant, principles, and teachers. Perhaps it was the end of the Saur era that gave rise to more rigid lines between students and faculty. Perhaps it was the larger size and ever less personal atmosphere of the school as it grew. Perhaps it was the rise of television, which made these kind of events seem passe.

A glimpse of the world of 1934.

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