Class of 1942

1942 Class Annual

Edna (Carpenter) Keyes, class of 1934, and Forrest Keyes, class of 1932, provided access to the annual.

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( Photograph provided by Louise Lull, Godwin class of 1940. )

For reasons probably lost to time, the format of the Godwin News changed every so often through the years, generally to a larger page. As a result, the 1942 edition, and probably some others, no longer fits on a standard home scanner, so the pages had to be broken in to two pieces.

Note that page 4 was mislabeled as page 2 on the paper itself.

January 20, 1942, Godwin News

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Material provided by Lee Neugent, class of 1948.

May 20, 1942, Godwin News

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Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Material provided by Mildred Annis, class of 1940.

Class of 1942 Commencement.

Material provided by Mildred Annis, class of 1940

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Material provided by Lillian Annis, class of 1941.

Somewhat unusual at the time, the salutatorian for the class of 1942 was male. But as one can see in the valedictorian piece, the top scholars, except for Harry Wilson, were characteristically all women.

World War II took a heavy toll on Godwin graduates. Many served, and many did not return alive. Between 350 and 400 thousand US servicemen died in the war, and for many that did return, their lives were never the same. Some of those who served are shown below.

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Material supplied by Lillian Annis, class of 1941

A "C. Hall" appears in the 1938 annual, in the class of 1942, but not after that. It's possible that he transfered out of Godwin after 1938, but nothing is known for sure at this time.

Those no longer with us.

Nick Bravata - Februrary 23, 2009