Class of 1949

1949 Class Annual

Edna (Carpenter) Keyes, class of 1934, and Forrest Keyes, class of 1932, provided access to the annual.

1949 Class Play

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( Material provided by Lee Neugent, class of 1948. )

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Material provided by Lillian Annis, class of 1941.

A seeming paradox, there were far more fatal accidents involving Godwin students in the 1950s and before than later on when the roads became more congested. It was still common in the late 1950s to see immature Godwin students drag racing along Division Avenue, essentially right in front of the school. There's little doubt that there was a great deal of speed on rural roads, roads sometimes little improved, and probably treacherous in the winter. Train track crossings did not always have flashing lights, especially in rural areas, and in the 1940s yet trains could and did often go quite fast. Flyers, a name given to passenger trains that often had limited stops, almost did just that: fly.

So the irony is that while the roads were less congested in the 1950s and before, this seemed to reduce the caution that people used when driving. The circumstances of the accident involving the collison described in the piece above do not make it clear how the car happened to hit the truck. e.g. why Lanigna did not see the truck, which seemed to be unexpectedly in the intersection, whether Laninga was speeding, or whether the truck ran a stop sign or light.