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- 1963 Class Annual -

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- 44th Reunion -

44th Reunion

The class of 1962 invited the classes of 1961 and 1963 to participate in its 45th class reunion in 2007. Details of the planning can be seen at

Reunion web site

Bill Wiltse's son Bill was the event photographer, and provided the

reunion photographs.

Note that the names, where known, are below the large versions of the photographs, which you can bring up by left clicking on any of the thumbnail images.

Additional merged reunion photos

The photographs were made available by Phyllis Morris, class of 1962.

- 40th Reunion -

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The 40th class reunion was held on September 6, 2003, at the Knights of Columbus Hall at 5830 Clyde Park. While still being constructed, some details of the event will be found by

clicking here.

- 35th Reunion Photo -

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35th - Reunion Photo Names -

20th - Reunion classmates -

Photograph taken at the 20-th reunion of the Godwin class of 1963. The reunion was held in 1984.

From left to right are Mrs. Charles Nickels, Jody and Don McGahan, Jim Harrsion, and Dave Allen. The location is unknown.

Additional photographs.

- 1963 baccalaureate service -

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- 1963 commencement -

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- Class photos -

Class photographs from 7th through 11th grades.

7th grade
( 1 ) ( 2 )
8th grade
( 1 ) ( 2 )
9th grade
( 1 ) ( 2 )
10th grade
( 1 ) ( 2 )
11th grade
( 1 ) ( 2 )

- Classmates for a while -

A large number of people attended Godwin for a while, or even most of their secondary school years, but typically did not graduate because the family moved out of the Godwin area. Those who moved away during their highschool years in particular never really lose the feeling they are part of their class, and for all practical puroses they are.

Below are are graduation photos of some who moved away, the the school they graduated from where known, and the years they attended Godwin.

Gail Root

Barbara Moore

Gail Root attended Godwin from K to 8, then graduated from Rogers HS.

Barbara Moore attended Godwin from K to 9.

- Miscellaneous photographs -


Kindergarten - outdoor group photo.

Kindergarten classroom photo.

Second row, second from right: Bob Kline. Third from right: Bob Morter.
First row, fourth from left: Patrick ?


Mary Anderson

Gary Berkebile

Judy Lowe


Brent Barrows

Gary Berkebile

Bob Johnson

Ben Lester

Bob Seger

Jack Telgenhof

Gary Timmermans


Jerry Anderson

Judy Gibfried

Bob Gilman

Jim Harrison

Bob Johnson

Jane Post

Charlene Schutt

Jack Telgenhof

Left to write: Dave Harmsen, Gordon Wheeler, John Bazaire, Jim Harrison, Judy Gibfried, Jenny Agers, X, and Sharon Boon, all of the clases of 1962 and 1963. The subject seems to be the 1958 Junior High king and queen of something. At the very left are possibly Mary Ellen Anderson and Marjorie Race.


Would any student in 2003 even know what a projector is? How about those typing classes? At least it helps one type faster on their PC keyboards, where now one doesn't have to be paranoid about making a mistake now.

Freshmen audio visual aids.


Prom: Rhapsody in Blue

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Material provided by Bob Traetz, class of 1962.


Duane English, Ricki Stapelfeldt. Left click on either image for a larger version.

Material provided by Kim (Shepard) Brown, class of 1970.


Don McGahan


Don McGahan


Duane English, Jerry Tamburello, Bob Gilman, October, 2003.

Don McGahan, December, 2003


Duane & Karen English - June 26, 2004

Bob Gilman & Sharon Karrer - June 26, 2004. Soon to be wed.


Bill Garvey

Bill Garvey is CEO of Classic Transport, a vehicle management company that he started. In year 2007 it employs over 30 people.


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Ricki Stapelfeldt, front row, second from right, in black, taken April 29, 2008. At various times Ricki has been a lawyer, judge, and advocate.


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Carl Doxtator, class of 1963, and Tammy (Beattie) Kline, class of 1966, taken October 24, 2009. Carl will be retiring from the Michigan State Parks in early 2011, and in 2009 is stationed in Gaylord, MI.


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Don and Jodi McGahan, September 18, 2010.


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Earl Parmelee, December 10, 2011.

- Wolverine Pictorial for 1962/1963 -

The school newspaper, Wolverine Pictorial, for the year 1962/1963. As far as I know this is a complete set.

Choose an issue. Use your browser's back button to return here. Scanned at high resolution, the images are big, so you might have to adjust your browser to fill the screen to avoid having to move the page images around as much.

October 26, 1962

November 9, 1962

November 23, 1962

December 7, 1962

December 21, 1962

January 11, 1963

January 25, 1963

February 14, 1963

March 1, 1963

March 14, 1963

March 29, 1963

April 19, 1963

May 17, 1963

May 29, 1963

Spanish issue

- Classmates no longer with us -

Left click on an item if it is highlighted for more information.

Judy Ayriss - 2007

Marie DeGier - 2003?

Glen Frazee - 1998?

Gene Giles - 1966?

Pat Gohn - September 11, 2007

Marcia McCauley - 1965

Chuck Nickels - July 10, 2010

Joyce Schwander - date unknown

Bob Seger - 1995

Bob Sloop - 1965?

Dale Smith - May 31, 2004.

Penny Stressman - October 29, 2007

Jasper Tamburello - May 26, 2008

Jack Telgenhof - May, 2001

Gerald VandeVelde - November 22, 2018

Gordon L. Wheeler - May 28, 2011

- Contact Information -

Probably the best thing to do starting in year 2010 is to look for people on Facebook.