Dave and the Shadows
The Kingtones

- Dave and the Shadows -

Dave and the Shadows consisted of Rich Sutherland - 1964 - drums, Thomas Marvin - 1961 - bass and rhythm guitar, Jim Wilson - 1961, and Dave Kalmbach - East Grand Rapids. Records include Blue Dawn, At the Fair, Christmas Album, Playboy, and perhaps others. Chess and Fenton Records. The band existed from about 1960 to 1965.

- JuJus -


- The Kingtones -

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Pete mervenne, of the Kingtones, 1944 to 1989. Died of a heart attack. His jacket.

- Vibrations -

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The band above was apparently called "The Vibrations," and is shown in the Godwin Physical Education building in October, 1963. In the bottom row, the band members are Rod Shepard, Charles Kuehl, Rich Sutherland, and Rich Solar, all members of the Godwin class of 1964. Rod Shepard would eventually go off to join "The JuJus," and Charles Kuehl got a stint in Vietnam.