Information Wanted

	 27 August 2012

      * Photographs of Frank Rackett's house
	have been found and included on the 
	website. If more, from other angles,
	are out there, it would be nice to 
	include those as well.

	It now seems that the house was one
	of the Gull Toll Road ( Now Division Avenue )
	toll keeper houses, moved and modified by 
	Frank Rackett's step father, George Payne,
	after the toll road closed in 1870 because
	of the arrival of the GR & IN RR.

	 27 August 2012

      * Group photos of class reunions
        not already obtained..

	 28 December 2005

      * Charles Saur produced items of history now and
	then about Godwin school, for newspapers of 
	various kinds.  These would naturally be of 
	interest for the web site.

	 10 November 2005

      * Issues of the Photo Reporter and South Kent News
	from the 1950s back. On occasion these contain
	photographs of local businesses of the time, and
	often contain photographs of the proprietors.

	 20 February 2005

      * Scrapbooks.  It seems that in pre TV days scrapbooks
	were a common activity,  for both men and women. Often
	containing less formal material than appears in annuals,
	they can be a good source of photographs and newspaper
	pieces about events, businesses, and oddities formerly
	in the Godwin area.

	 22 March 2004

      * Loans of school newspapers and other memorabilia for almost
	all years up to 1971. Especially wanted are the 1932, 1934,
	and 1935 issues devoted to the graduating classes. If they
	exist of course. Same for the classes of 1927 and 1928.

	 22 February 2002

      * Aerial photographs of the area around Godwin in the 1940s or before.

	 18 February 2002

      * Photograph(s) of the Godwin Hotel. It was located 
	on the north side of 34th, about half way between
	Buchanan, which did not exist at the time, and 
	Division Ave, then Gull Road. It burned some time
        between 1865 and 1867.

	 19 December 2000

      * Class photos for the years not shown in section "C", for all
        years up to 1963, as well as those years where they do exist 
	but are of poor quality.  

	 5 September 2000

      * One path to Godwin from the Clyde Park - 32nd Street area was across
	a field, to the railroad tracks, then up 34th, and over to Godwin.
	The path through the field was dirt, and well worn.  In the field,
	where the 131 Expressway is now, there was garage, and a house
	foundation.  Inside the garage, on the door, there was rather
	complete set of Michigan license plates from the teens and 1920's.
	When was the house there?

	Other suggestions?